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  • Bosch DRC97AQ50B Bristol
    • EcoSilence Drive: our highly efficient motor saves on energy, not on performance.
    • Especially silent: maximum extractor performance with minimal noise
    • Hob Hood Control: now you never need to touch the hood again. The fan speed or lights of the hood can be conveniently controlled directly from the hob (with selected Wi-Fi enabled hobs).
    • Interior design: easy cleaning thanks to concealed screws and cables with no sharp edges.
    • CleanAir recirculation filters (separate accessory): Up to 90% odour reduction for a pleasant kitchen environment. Regenerative filter also available.
  • New World UIH60S / 444449650 Bristol
    New World
    • 3 Fan Speeds
    • 1 Traditional Light
    • Acrylic Filters
    • Slider Controls
  • De Dietrich DHT1119X Bristol
    De Dietrich
    • Max Extraction Rate 384m3/h
    • Invisible Retractable Panel
    • Mechanical Control
    • Filter Saturation Indication
  • De Dietrich DHT1116X Bristol
    De Dietrich
    • Max Extraction Rate 368m3/h
    • Invisible Retractable Panel
    • Mechanical Control
    • Filter Saturation Indication
  • De Dietrich DHE1146A Bristol
    De Dietrich
    • Max Extraction Rate 780m3/h
    • Electronic Touch Controls
    • Delayed Stop
    • Filter Saturation Indication
  • Siemens LD97DBM60B Bristol
    • The quiet high-performance motor with an impressive extraction rate of 750 m³/h ensures efficient odour and steam removal in the kitchen.
    • The motor can be flexibly installed, allowing greater use of the space under the worktop.
    • Space-saving installation of the downdraftAir system makes it the only worktop ventilation solution which allows a drawer directly under the worktop.
    • The energy-saving and bright LED lighting ensures better visibility when cooking.
    • At 62 dB the hood is pleasantly quiet when being used.
  • Neff D95DAP8N0B Bristol
    • Extendable – Emerges only when needed and sits neatly behind the hob for a clear view in the kitchen
    • Quiet operation – Particularly quiet due to its noise-optimised design
    • Space-saving miracle – Fits neatly behind the hob for more use of the cabinet space underneath
    • Integrated lighting – Our downdraft hood with integrated LED lights for clear lighting over your hob
    • Flexible installation – A range of installation options make the most of your cabinet space
  • Neff I91VT44N0B Bristol
    • Maximum flexibility: Thanks to various options for combining with Domino and electric hobs.
    • High extraction rate: Ensures a clear view while cooking thanks to efficient motor technology as either a ducted or recirculating solution.
    • Reduced noise: Our optimised motor guarantees a quiet cooking experience.
    • Space-saving installation: More room for pull-out drawers thanks to the ingenious installation of the extractor duct in a lower cabinet.
    • Grease filter performance: Filters the grease right where it originates - at the hob.
  • Gorenje BHP623E11XUK Bristol
    • TouchFree Inox - All stainless steel surfaces are coated with a special TouchFree film that prevents fingerprint markings
    • leaving the surface always shiny and making cleaning much easier
    • 3 Speeds
    • LED Lighing
    • Wasable Aluminium Greas Filter
    • Button Cont
  • Montpellier SWCH500 Bristol
    • 3 Speeds
    • Slide Controls
    • Acrylic & Charcoal Filter
  • Siemens LF16VA570B Bristol
    • Create flexible cooking options combining with electric or gas domino hobs
    • The motor is conveniently placed in the plinth area with space saving ducting to ensure that storage space and use of drawers in the cabinet is kept to a maximum.
    • The energy-saving BLDC motor and high air speed guarantee efficient extraction, right at the hob
    • The high performance grease filters remove grease right where it originates and are easily removable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Caple TSCH600 Bristol
    • 2 Speeds
    • Dual switch controls
    • Aluminium grease filters
    • Halogen lights
    • Concealed design


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