Complaints Policy

Nailsea Electrical Ltd is committed to providing a quality service to our customers. All complaints are taken seriously and all feedback is appreciated providing the company with an opportunity to improve the existing standards. All complaints received are referred on to the relevant directors or managers within the business for investigation without delay. 
Nailsea Electrical Ltd shall acknowledge all complaints by confirming its receipt. Under our Management Systems we have a system to manage Complaints under our Non-Conformance Procedure. We will then record the complaint within our complaints register and start an investigation into the matter immediately.  
Nailsea Electrical Ltd shall examine the job records to ascertain the sequence of events and require the relevant member of staff whom dealt with the matter to provide a written response. Nailsea Electrical Ltd ultimately seeks to handle all complaints confidentially, fairly and promptly. The staff dealing with the complaint shall be courteous to the complainant, respond positively and offer constructive solutions.   
A written response and supporting information shall be sent and if appropriate offer an apology for the incident in question. If the person making complaint is not satisfied with the outcome, the initial decision can be reviewed and again the outcome will be issued in writing. This decision will be final.   
The complaints policy and procedures will be monitored regularly and reviewed and evaluated periodically to ensure it is effective.   
Name: Benjamin Gilks 
Position: Managing Director 
Date: 19/10/17


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